The Cappuccino Chronicles: Pashmina Reis #38

The Cappuccino Chronicles: Pashmina Reis #38

N.R.I. Woman · 2019-04-21

Pashmina was born in Thailand and brought up in a traditional Indian family in Hong Kong. At sixteen she met and fell in love with her soulmate Willian. They dated in secret for ten years - why secret, because he came from a very different culture and community - literally, one that is at the other end of the world.

He's black Brazilian and their formative years together as a couple were extremely painful as they were shunned, ostracised and looked upon by her fellow community as a traitor and a woman who had no sense of value. Today, her little family of four, her husband, her and her two beautiful daughters live a life of compassion and understanding. They have taught each other to be steadfast human beings and live a life full of love with no racial boundaries. She's also built a successful career as an international best selling author of The Cappuccino Chronicles trilogy and the founder of the Online Authors Office, a platform to help other aspiring authors.

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