Sri Krishna Lila

Sri Krishna Lila

Mataji Vanamali

Never before has the complete life of Krishna been told in a way that is so engaging and understandable, yet so faithful to the ancient epics of India. Spiritual seekers of all traditions will find inspiration and revitalized faith in these pages.

Sri Krishna Lila describes the extraordinary manifestation of the Eternal in the realm of time that occurred in Krishna, the playful and enchantingly beautiful Deity who embodies the highest truths of India's spiritual wisdom.

While the usual Western image of God as father or monarch is represented in this story, readers will also find here much more -- a refreshing and powerful picture of God as child, playmate, lover, friend, and teacher. They will discover how India conceived the most intimate and joyous experience of God, using the seductive metaphor of the Divine Beloved. What is evoked here is not a religion of moral law and stern obligation, but a spirituality of joy and true desire, love and beauty, contemplation and inner awakening.

This life of Krishna expands our concept of divinity and raises our thoughts to a higher spiritual plane. What does it mean to conceive of God as warrior and king? What does it mean to relate to the Infinite as friend or husband? Such experiences are vividly portrayed in these pages. We are uplifted as we contemplate the unlimited joy of the Eternal, appearing to us in a form combining beauty, strength, and irrepressible playfulness.

Just as the music from Krishna's heavenly flute is irresistibly attractive, so this book will entrance its readers.

In this podcast Mataji Vanamali reads book 1, Bala Lila, of the three books of Sri Krishna Lila, and the first 10 of 33 chapters.

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of Sri Krishna Lila ?

There are 10 episodes avaiable of Sri Krishna Lila .

What is Sri Krishna Lila about?

We have categorized Sri Krishna Lila as:

  • Society & Culture
  • History

Where can you listen to Sri Krishna Lila ?

Sri Krishna Lila is available, among others places, on:

  • Apple Podcasts
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When did Sri Krishna Lila start?

The first episode of Sri Krishna Lila that we have available was released 4 July 2009.

Who creates the podcast Sri Krishna Lila ?

Sri Krishna Lila is produced and created by Mataji Vanamali.