The Inner Reel

The Inner Reel

In this podcast, guests open up about less visible parts of their journeys -- about their deepest insecurities, and how they dealt with criticism, managed self-doubt, and emerged with a greater understanding of themselves and their unique strengths. Although these aspects don't get a lot of press, they tend to be defining entries in the personal journals of most people. The hope is that these untold stories of inner struggles from 'successful' individuals will provide interesting takeaways for others in their own quest. Our guests include entrepreneurs, creators, social innovators -- in fact, people from across industries and professions. Season 1 features Shradha Sharma of YourStory, sports broadcaster Harsha Bhogle, Captain Raghu Raman, Nitin Kamath of Zerodha, Samina Bano of The Right Walk Foundation, Santosh Desai of Futurebrands, and Neelam Chhiber of Industree Crafts Foundation. Do tune in for these candid conversations. You can also join us in the audience for live interviews. Go to to know more.

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