The Niche Finder Podcast

The Niche Finder Podcast

Clifton C. Manning

What do we do when we find ourselves up against the many leadership challenges that exist within our chosen careers?

We all have goals and achievements that we would like to accomplish. Unfortunately, these desires do not come equipped with insight or awareness on how to bring these accomplishments to light.
In essence, this is why the Dream Octane Niche Finder framework was formed. Our founder, Clifton C Manning, spent the first 17 of his 20-year career in healthcare working with physicians and healthcare leaders to achieve patient-centric goals, while possessing only an associate’s degree in applied science.
At times, these challenges were daunting and he felt unqualified to achieve the success he wanted. However, he focused on becoming intentional in reading every leadership book that he could find, as well as attending frequent seminars in areas where he saw opportunities to improve.
Over time, as he applied insights gained from these various sources, he was able to successfully and efficiently cross the hurdles he found himself up against.
Eventually, varying degrees of success within his sphere of leadership influence became more evident.
The Niche Finder podcast is intended to bring similar insight--to you the listener--from those who have achieved some level of noteworthy success in their chosen career. Our hope is that the challenges they have overcome in the past will provide insight for your current leadership struggles and unlock the dream of achieving success in your own career.
We believe that, "If innovative change is an engine, you're unique dream and abilities could be the fuel."

And now, I present to you, the host of the Niche Finder podcast, Clifton C. Manning.

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of The Niche Finder Podcast?

There are 77 episodes avaiable of The Niche Finder Podcast.

What is The Niche Finder Podcast about?

We have categorized The Niche Finder Podcast as:

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Where can you listen to The Niche Finder Podcast?

The Niche Finder Podcast is available, among others places, on:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
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When did The Niche Finder Podcast start?

The first episode of The Niche Finder Podcast that we have available was released 26 February 2021.

Who creates the podcast The Niche Finder Podcast?

The Niche Finder Podcast is produced and created by Clifton C. Manning.